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Senescent cells, senolytics and healthy aging - What do we know- LongevIQ Podcast with Dr. Bajnath

Senescent Cells, Senolytics & Healthy Aging: What Do We Know?

In this episode, we’ll talk about a major hallmark of aging and one of the most exciting and cutting-edge areas in today’s longevity and anti-aging science called cellular senescence.

Our guest in this episode is Dr. Anil Bajnath, MD, an anti-aging precision medicine physician and an expert in cellular senescence and senescent cells. We’ll dive into the science of senescent cells and how they affect the aging process. We’ll then look into practical things we can all do to help our body naturally reduce senescent cells with supplements and lifestyle tips.

Optimizing Physical Health, Well-Being, Aging - Benefits vs. Risks LongevIQ Podcast with Dr. Neil Paulvin

Optimizing Physical Health, Well-Being & Aging: Benefits vs. Risks

Longevity and anti-aging medicine is an emerging field with many promising and exciting options to choose from. But, do any of these actually work? What is the evidence? Are there any risks?

Our guest in this episode is Dr. Neil Paulvin, a functional anti-aging medicine physician who specializes in combining cutting-edge science, technology, and personalized precision medicine to help his patients optimize their health, performance, and longevity.