How to Process Emotions for Happy, Healthy, Long and Vibrant Life LongevIQ Podcast with Dr. Valencia Ray, MD

How to Process Emotions for a Happy, Healthy, Long, Vibrant Life

Dealing with unpleasant emotions can be painful, and it’s not something many people like or even know how to do. However, it’s impossible to talk about health, wellness, and longevity without considering our emotional health. The common habit of trying to ignore or turn off our emotions does seem to come with a big price and has been shown to affect every aspect of our lives.

Our guest in this episode is Dr. Valencia Ray, MD, a functional, anti-aging physician and an expert in mind-body-spirit medicine. As we discuss, accepting and processing our full range of emotions and feelings not only helps us better cope with adversity but also promotes the long, healthy, happy, and vibrant life we all deserve.