Dr. Lorraine Maita, MD, FAARFM, ABAARM

How to Balance Hormones for Healthy Aging: Naturally vs. HRT LongevIQ Podcast with Dr. Lorraine Maita, MD, Anti-aging functional doctor specializes in hormone therapy 350 x 350

Dr. Lorraine Maita, MD, FAARFM, ABAARM

Dr. Lorraine Maita, MD, is an award-winning physician, speaker, and author of “Vibrance for Life: How to Live Younger and Healthier”. She is an expert in anti-aging medicine, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, weight loss, medical nutrition therapy, supplements, and executive health.

Medical Specialties

  • Anti-aging medicine
  • Bioidentical hormone therapy
  • Functional medicine
  • Hormone replacement therapy for men and women
  • HCG diet
  • Health & wellness testing & programs

Contact Dr. Maita

Dr. Maita sees patients in her clinic in Short Hills, NJ, and also offers telemedicine consultations.

Dr. Maita Recent Articles

Longevity Lifestyle medicine

The key to anti-aging is not a pill or a quick fix but creating a lifestyle full of healthy anti-aging habits. These lifestyle choices can improve health, reduce risk for age-related disease, and increase longevity.

Dr. Maita Medical Background

  • Doctor of Medicine (MD), Integrative Functional Anti Aging Medicine, Tel Aviv University
  • Institute for Functional Medicine
  • American Academy of Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine
  • Bioidentical Hormone Institute
  • American Board of Integrative Medicine