Dr. Patti Shelton, MD

Dr. Patti Shelton MD LongevIQ

Dr. Patti Shelton, MD

Medical Communications Officer, LongevIQ

With an impressive, diverse background in neuroscience, medical communication, yoga, and meditation, Dr. Shelton is passionate about making scientific information accessible to empower people’s lives with evidence-based education.

Dr. Shelton is also the host of the LongevIQ podcast, where we collaborate with the world’s leading anti-aging and longevity experts, who share their life-changing insights on various health and wellness topics.

In her free time, Dr. Shelton enjoys traveling, scuba, hiking, and going outdoors in all types of weather.​

Dr. Shelton’s latest book:
The Yoga Doctor: Your Essential Guide to a Pain-Free Lifelong Yoga Practice

We're wonderfully complex creatures, full of mysteries. To appreciate this fully is to experience the same sense of wonder that a sunset or an ocean can evoke. You contain universes within yourself; would you like to dive in?

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